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How to Use Medical Marijuana Safely and Responsibly

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana

is a safe alternative treatment option, but it’s still a powerful drug that can cause problems for you if you don’t know what you’re doing. With a little knowledge and practice, however, you can use it to get relief from several conditions and manage the negative side effects.

While I have a good idea of how I can use marijuana safely and responsibly, you and your doctor know better than I do. You definitely need to talk to a healthcare professional and not base your choices entirely off of some guy’s article online, even if it’s this one. That said, I’ve learned a few things that help me avoid tolerance, dependency, and avoiding negative side effects.

First, let’s talk about managing the first time. Marijuana will steamroll you in the beginning if you’ve never had the stuff before—especially edibles. After a few uses you won’t have this problem, but initially you will likely get very high for a very long time. Take your first dose in a small amount (4-6mg) in the early evening (7:00 to 9:00 PM) before a day where you have nothing of consequence to do. Have a sober or marijuana-tolerant friend you trust hang out with you so they can help you differentiate between your state of mind and reality. Marijuana can make you paranoid and feel like something bad will happen. Unless you’re in pain, start vomiting, or showing any symptoms that are objectively bad, you will probably be fine. Use your friend to help.

I also found that keeping a stopwatch handy helps as well. You will likely experience time dilation to some degree when using marijuana (containing THC) and you may worry about the rate of your breathing. Most likely you will breathe normally and just think you’ve slowed down significantly. A stopwatch can help you realize that the drugs affected your perception of time. Simply start the stopwatch and hide it from view but keep your finger on the stop button. Next, breathe and count the number of seconds up to 15 or 20. When you reach 20, stop the stopwatch. You’ll most likely find that the number you counted up to differs notably from the number of seconds that actually passed. Seeing evidence of time dilation can help ease your anxiety because you can then fully accept that you are impaired.

Most people get the munchies, so if you don’t want to gain a bunch of weight due to ceaseless hunger you should plan what you’ll eat in advance so you stick to that plan. Additionally, brush your teeth when you have nothing left to eat. This will help encourage you to stop eating when you intended to stop. Of course, some people don’t develop a crazy appetite when they’re high. If you’re like me though, and get really hungry, plan some safeguards in advance to ensure you don’t eat yourself out of house and home.

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